#878 – Options for Positioning a Popup Relative to Another Control

You can use the Placement property of a Popup to indicate how the popup should be positioned relative to another control.  You specify the other control to position relative to, using the PlacementTarget property.  You then use one of the values shown below for the Placement property.

Note that there are other possible values for the Placement property.  The subset listed below are the ones used to position the popup relative to another control.

  • Bottom (default) – Popup lines up with bottom of target control


  • Top – Popup lines up with top of target control


  • Left – Popup lines up with left of target control


  • Right – Popup lines up with right of target control


  • Center – Popup is centered over target control


  • Relative – Upper left corner of Popup is aligned with upper left corner of target control