#981 – Including a CheckBox with Each Item in a ListBox

By default, a ListBox shows the selection state of each item in the list using a different brush.  If you want to make the selection of each item more obvious and not force the user to use Ctrl or Shift keys to multi-select items, you can render each item as a CheckBox.

Assume that we bind to a a list of Actor objects, where Actor has IsFav (boolean) and NameAndDates (string) properties, you can do the following:

        <ListBox Name="lbActors" Margin="15" Width="200" Height="190"
                 ItemsSource="{Binding ActorList}">
            <!-- Because CheckBox indicates selection, hide standard ListBox -->
            <!-- selection behavior -->
                <Style TargetType="{x:Type ListBoxItem}">
                    <Setter Property="Focusable" Value="False"/>
            <!-- Each item in list is a CheckBox -->
                    <CheckBox Content="{Binding NameAndDates}" IsChecked="{Binding IsFav}"/>

As you check each item, the IsFav property in the corresponding Actor object is set/cleared.



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3 Responses to #981 – Including a CheckBox with Each Item in a ListBox

  1. Dima says:

    Does not work. At least with my code. You should supply program code also.

    • Sean says:

      Just double checked and it’s working fine for me. This blog omits simple boilerplate code in order to illustrate some specific feature. If the feature I’m explaining isn’t working, then go back to something simpler to find your error. In this case, try binding ListBox to a simple list of objects. Many other posts in the blog explain how to do that.

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