#906 – Programmatically Changing the Current Tab on a TabControl

You can change the currently selected tab on a TabControl in one of several ways:

  • Change the TabControl’s SelectedIndex property (0..n-1)
  • Change the TabControl’s SelectedItem property (if you have a reference to the TabItem for the tab that you want to switch to)
  • Use data binding and change the object that the SelectedItem is bound to

Below is an example of changing the SelectedIndex property when the user clicks on a Button.

        <TabControl Name="tabMeals">
            <TabItem Header="Breakfast">
                    <RadioButton Content="Eggs"/>
                    <RadioButton Content="Cereal"/>
                    <RadioButton Content="Spam"/>
            <TabItem Header="Lunch">
                    <RadioButton Content="Ham Sandwich"/>
                    <RadioButton Content="Soup"/>
                    <RadioButton Content="Wimpy Burger"/>
            <TabItem Header="Dinner">
                    <RadioButton Content="Spam Sandwich"/>
                    <RadioButton Content="Spam Casserole"/>
                    <RadioButton Content="Spam Jello Surprise"/>
        <Button Grid.Row="1" Content="Change Tabs" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Padding="10,5"


        private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            if (tabMeals.SelectedIndex == (tabMeals.Items.Count - 1))
                tabMeals.SelectedIndex = 0;



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