#415 – Setting Grid Row Height and Column Width Properties to Absolute Values

You can set the height of a row or the width of a column in a Grid in one of three different ways.

One way to set a row’s height or a column’s width is to use an absolute value.  This mode is known in Blend as “Pixel sized” because you specify the size of the row or column in pixels.  (Actually, in device independent units, which map to pixels on a 96 dpi display).

    <Grid ShowGridLines="True">
    		<RowDefinition Height="52"/>

    	<Label Grid.Row="0" Content="Row 0 is 52 units high" />
    	<Label Grid.Row="1" Content="Row 1 takes up the remaining space" />

A row or column whose size is set using an absolute number will retain its size when the size of the parent Grid changes.