#364 – Allowing a User to Select Multiple Dates in a Calendar Control

By default, the Calendar control allows a user to select a single date.  You can set the SelectionMode property to allow the user to select more than one date.

SelectionMode (CalendarSelectionMode enumeration) can have one of the following values:

  • None – user can’t select date
  • SingleDate – select a single date  (default)

  • SingleRange – select a contiguous range of dates

  • MultipleRange – select multiple ranges of dates

If the SelectionMode is SingleDate, the SelectedDate property (DateTime) will contain the selected date.

If the SelectionMode is SingleRange or MultipleRange, the SelectedDates property (ObservableCollection of DateTime) will contain all of the selected dates.  The SelectedDate property will contain a copy of the first date in the SelectedDates collection.