#296 – Controls that Derive from the Control Class

The Control class in WPF inherits from FrameworkElement and is itself the base class for controls that a user interacts with.

Some of the more common controls that derive from Control are:

  • Calendar – select a date
  • Expander – expand/collapse other controls
  • GroupBox – groups other controls
  • Label – displays some text
  • Button – click to initiate an action
  • RepeatButton – click repeatedly
  • CheckBox – turn something on/off
  • RadioButton – select one item from a group
  • DatePicker – select a date
  • ContextMenu – displays context-sensitive menu
  • Menu – select a command from a menu
  • ComboBox – select an item from a dropdown list
  • ListBox – select an item from a list
  • DataGrid – view/edit data in a grid
  • TabControl – displays a set of tabs, each containing child controls
  • StatusBar – shows information in horizontal bar
  • TreeView – displays hierarchical view
  • PasswordBox – enter a password
  • ProgressBar – shows progress of ongoing operation
  • Slider – select from a range of values
  • RichTextBox – edit a formatted document
  • TextBox – enter/edit some text

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