#290 – Using Intellisense in Visual Studio

Intellisense in Visual Studio is a feature that provides a list of suggested code elements that you might want to enter next, based on what you’ve already typed.

As you start typing, Intellisense will suggest  both language elements and types that match what you’ve already entered.

In the example below, I’ve entered the letter ‘w’ and Intellisense suggests some possible elements that begin with ‘w’ that I might want to enter.

If I’m actually entering a while statement, I can use the down arrow key to highlight while in the list and then press TAB.  Intellisense fills in the rest of the while keyword for me.

If I press TAB a second time, Visual Studio will actually generate a code snippet that is a template for the entire while statement.

Also notice that when Intellisense suggests a class name, it provides general information about the class.