#1,193 – MeasureOverride and Margins

During the measure phase, the MeasureOverride method is called on an element, indicating the size available to the control.  If a Margin has been set on the control, the available size passed in to MeasureOverride will have already been adjusted for that margin.

Below, we include two instances of MyElement in a Grid, setting a margin of 15 on the second element.


        <loc:MyElement Grid.Column="1" Margin="15"/>

At run-time, we see that the second element is smaller.
If we instrument MyElement to report the value of the Size parameter that is passed to it, we see that MeasureOverride gets a smaller size passed in for the second instance.  The Size has been adjusted for a uniform margin of 15, subtracting 30 from both the width and the height.  (We see the same values passed in to ArrangeOverride).




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