#1,061 – Scaling Content Using a ViewBox

You can scale entire panels by embedding the panel to be scaled within a ViewBox.

Assume that you start with a simple StackPanel in a Window (the StackPanel scales up to fit in the Window).


If you want to scale these elements larger as the window gets larger, you can place the StackPanel in a ViewBox.

<Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.MainWindow"
        Title="Scaling" Width="220" Height="140">
        <StackPanel Background="Bisque">
            <Label Margin="5" Background="AliceBlue"
              Content="Alice Isn't Blue Anymore"/>
            <Button Content="Got It"
            <TextBox Margin="5"
                  Text="Enter something here"/>

Everything is a little bigger now, within the original window. This is because the StackPanel is no longer stretching to fill the Window, but sizing to fit its contents. And the ViewBox is then scaling the StackPanel to fit into the Window.


Now scaling the Window larger causes everything within the ViewBox to scale up.




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