#248 – Creating a List in a FlowDocument

You can include lists of items in a FlowDocument using the List block.

	<FlowDocument FontFamily="Cambria" FontSize="14">
		<Paragraph>Some Pixar films:</Paragraph>
				<Paragraph>Toy Story</Paragraph>
				<Paragraph FontStyle="Italic">I can have a 2nd paragraph.</Paragraph>
				<Paragraph>A Bug's Life</Paragraph>
				<Paragraph>Toy Story 2</Paragraph>
				<Paragraph>Monsters, Inc.</Paragraph>


#247 – Types of Blocks that You Can Use in a FlowDocument

There are five different types of blocks that you can include in a FlowDocument.  A block can be one of the following:

  • Paragraph – A paragraph of text
  • List – A list of text items, typically displayed with a bullet character
  • Table – A table, with rows and columns
  • Section – A section of the document that can, in turn, contain other blocks
  • BlockUIContainer – A placeholder that allows inserting any UIElement into the document