#642 – Focusable and IsTabStop in Combination

A control can only accept user input via the keyboard if its Focusable property is set to true.  A control can be tabbed to and accept input only if both the Focusable and IsTabStop properties are true.

This means that if Focusable is false, the IsTabStop property is ignored.


#641 – The Difference Between IsTabStop and Focusable

The Focusable property for a control indicates whether the control can receive focus, which means that the control can receive keyboard input after the user clicks on the control.

Focusable is normally set to true for controls that are designed to accept user input.

The IsTabStop property, on the other hand, indicates that a control is part of the set of controls that are visited when the user cycles focus using the Tab key.

By default, controls whose Focusable property is set to true will also have their IsTabStop property set to true.  You can change this however.  If you set IsTabStop to false, but leave Focusable set to true, the user can click on a control to give it focus, but can’t tab to the control.