#1,051 – How the GridSplitter Behaves when Cells Use Auto Sizing

If one or both columns on either size of a GridSplitter (in its own column) have a width set to Auto, the behavior is as follows (“proportional” refers to star sizing):

  • Both columns set to Auto: Left column changes size and is switched to Absolute sizing
  • Left column Auto, right column proportional: Both columns change size, left switches to Absolute, right remains at original proportion (e.g. “1*”)
  • Right column Auto, left column proportional: Both columns change size, right switches to Absolute, left remains at original proportion

In the example below, columns 0 and 2 surround a GridSplitter in column 1.  Columns 0 and 2 are set to Auto size (as is the column with the GridSplitter) and column 3 is set to proportional.

Initially, we see that both columns 0 and 2 are auto-sized.

If we slide the GridSplitter to the right, column 0 changes size and switches to Absolute sizing.  Column 2 remains as Auto.



#416 – Setting Grid Rows and Columns to Autosize

When specifying the height of a row or the width of a column in a Grid, you can indicate that you want the row or column to automatically size to fit its content.  You can specify auto-sizing using the keyword “Auto” for the row height or column width.

    <Grid ShowGridLines="True">
    		<RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>

    	<Label Grid.Row="0" Content="Row 0 autosizes to this label" />
    	<Label Grid.Row="1" Content="Row 1 takes up the remaining space" />