#1,177 – UIElement vs. FrameworkElement vs. Control

If you want to implement a custom element in WPF, either to display something in a user interface or to get input from a user, you’ll typically derive your custom element from one of the following classes: UIElementFrameworkElement, or Control.

The inheritance chain for these three classes is:


When creating a custom control, you’ll want to choose as a base class whichever one of these classes has only the features that you want.  The core functionality for these three classes is:

  • UIElement  (Layout + Input + Focus + Events)
    • Layout behavior (parent/child relationship, measure/arrange passes)
    • Responding to user input (input events, command bindings)
    • Managing focus
    • Raising and responding to routed events
  • FrameworkElement adds
    • Alignment-related and Margin properties
    • Animation support
    • Data binding
    • Data templates
    • Styles
    • Defaults Focusable to false
  • Control adds
    • Control templates
    • Background, Foreground
    • Font-related properties
    • Border-related properties
    • Defaults Focusable to true

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