#1,175 – Custom Panel, part VII (Using Attached Property to Arrange)

Here’s an example of a custom panel that uses an attached property (weight) in determining both size and position of child elements.

    public class WeightedPanel : Panel
        private static FrameworkPropertyMetadata weightMetadata =
            new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(1.0,

        public static readonly DependencyProperty WeightProperty =
            DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached("Weight", typeof(double),
                typeof(WeightedPanel), weightMetadata);

        public static void SetWeight(DependencyObject depObj, double value)
            depObj.SetValue(WeightProperty, value);

        protected override Size MeasureOverride(Size availableSize)
            double totalWeight = totalChildWeight();

            foreach (UIElement elem in InternalChildren)
                double childWeight = (double)elem.GetValue(WeightProperty);
                double childHeight = (childWeight / totalWeight) * availableSize.Height;
                elem.Measure(new Size(availableSize.Width, childHeight));

            return availableSize;

        protected override Size ArrangeOverride(Size finalSize)
            double totalWeight = totalChildWeight();
            double top = 0.0;

            foreach (UIElement elem in InternalChildren)
                double childWeight = (double)elem.GetValue(WeightProperty);
                double childHeight = (childWeight / totalWeight) * finalSize.Height;
                Rect r = new Rect(new Point(0.0, top),
                                  new Size(elem.DesiredSize.Width, childHeight));


                top += childHeight;

            return finalSize;

        private double totalChildWeight()
            double weightSum = 0;
            foreach (UIElement elem in InternalChildren)
                weightSum += (double)elem.GetValue(WeightProperty);

            return weightSum;

Below, we use this panel, specifying that 2nd label is 2x bigger (more weight) than the first label.

        <Label Content="I'm child #1" loc:WeightedPanel.Weight="1"
               Background="Thistle" />
        <Label Content="I'm child #2" loc:WeightedPanel.Weight="2"
               Background="Lavender" />
        <!-- Weight defaults to 1 -->
        <Label Content="Third kid"
               Background="Honeydew" />



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