#1,173 – Custom Panel, part V (Two Columns)

Below is another example of a custom panel.  This panel arranges its children into two columns, flowing to the next row after both columns are filled.  It also gives each child element a uniform amount of space, based on the total size of the containing panel.

    public class TwoColUniformPanel : Panel
        protected override Size MeasureOverride(Size availableSize)
            Size childSize = CalcUniformChildSize(availableSize);

            foreach (UIElement elem in InternalChildren)

            return availableSize;

        protected override Size ArrangeOverride(Size finalSize)
            // All children are the same size
            Size childSize = CalcUniformChildSize(finalSize);

            double top = 0.0;
            double left = 0.0;

            for (int i = 0; i < InternalChildren.Count; i++)
                Rect r = new Rect(new Point(left, top), childSize);


                // Next row
                if (left > 0.0)
                    top += childSize.Height;

                // Alternate column
                left = (left > 0.0) ? 0.0 : (finalSize.Width / 2.0);

            return finalSize;

        private Size CalcUniformChildSize(Size availSize)
            int numRows = (int)Math.Ceiling(InternalChildren.Count / 2.0);
            return new Size(availSize.Width / 2.0,
                            availSize.Height / numRows);

We can use the panel as follows:

    <loc:TwoColUniformPanel Margin="5">
        <Label Content="I'm child #1" VerticalAlignment="Center"
               Background="Thistle" />
        <Label Content="I'm child #2"
               Background="Lavender" />
        <Label Content="Third kid"
               Background="Honeydew" />

Below are some images showing the result, as we resize the panel. Note that the first label stays vertically aligned in the center of the area allotted for it, rather than stretching to fill the area like the other labels.





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