#1,160 – Adding a Text Label to the Circular Progress Control

In an earlier post, we created a custom circular progress control, deriving from a Shape element.  Below, we add a text element in the middle of the progress arc to indicate % complete.  We could have also done this by building the text into the control itself.  But the approach shown below is an example of combining the progress control with a user-defined text label.

                Value="{Binding PctComplete}"
                Height="100" Width="100" Margin="5"
                FontSize="36" Foreground="DarkGray"
                Text="{Binding ElementName=circProg, Path=Value}" />
        <ProgressBar x:Name="prog2" Maximum="100"
                     Value="{Binding PctComplete}"
                     Height="25" Margin="10"/>
        <Button Content="Start Timer" Click="Button_Click"



About Sean
Software developer in the Twin Cities area, passionate about software development and sailing.

3 Responses to #1,160 – Adding a Text Label to the Circular Progress Control

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  2. srishti says:

    hy, how to i change the colors in this cirprog ? for ex. initially i want the cirprog to indicate yellow then green with progression.

    • Sean says:

      You can probably just set the Stroke property of the underlying Shape. Since you want to do this as progress changes, I’d look at using a data trigger.

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