#1,133 – Localization XIV – Add Content to Already Localized Application

After localizing your application for multiple languages, you have a main executable and a satellite assembly for each language that you’ve localized for.

If you then make changes to content in your application that is represented as XAML, the changes will show up in the satellite assembly for the neutral language, but not in the other satellite assemblies.  The changes will only be present when running under the neutral language.

After changing XAML content in a localized application, you need to take the following steps:

  • Make changes in Visual Studio, fully test under neutral language
  • Update UIDs using msbuild tool: msbuild /t:updateuid appname.csproj
  • Save and rebuild application
  • Re-extract localizable content using LocBaml tool: locbaml.exe /parse .\en-US\appname.resources.dll
  • Localize new content, integrating changes into existing language-specific .csv files
  • Re-generate satellite DLLs using LocBaml: locbaml.exe /generate .\en-US\appname.resources.dll /trans:.\appname.resources.fr-FR.csv /out:.\fr-FR /cul:fr-FR
  • Run application and test changes