#1,129 – Localization X – Integrating Translations Back into Application

Once you get localized resources back from the translation team, you need to integrate these localized resources back into your application.

To integrate localized changes, once you have the new .csv file containing localized resources, do the following:

  • Open a Visual Studio command prompt
  • Change directory to be directory containing main application .exe file (e.g. \bin\Release)
  • Copy .csv file containing translations into this directory (e.g. WpfApplication1.resources.fr-FR.csv)
  • Create a sub-directory matching the desired culture name  (e.g. fr-FR)
  • Ensure that locbaml.exe is also present in this directory
  • Execute this command: locbaml.exe /generate .\en-US\WpfApplication1.resources.dll /trans:.\WpfApplication1.resources.fr-FR.csv /out:.\fr-FR /cul:fr-FR

You should see a new WpfApplication1.resources.dll file in the fr-FR sub-directory.