#1,128 – Localization IX – Localizing Content

After you’ve created .csv files containing the English-based property values, including text, the next step is to have the content actually localized.  This most often consists of translating the English text into another language.

The steps taken for actual localization of content are typically something like:

  • You hand off neutral (e.g. English) .CSV file to translators  (e.g. WpfApplication1.resources.csv)
  • Translators make a copy of the file, typically naming it to indicate culture  (e.g. WpfApplication1.resources.fr-FR.csv)
  • Translators translate all textual content
  • Translators send the file back to development team for integration into the application

Below is an example, show the .csv file before and after translation from English to French.  Note that three different strings have been translated.