#1,125 – Localization VI – Interpreting CSV File That Is Output by LocBaml Tool

As part of the localization process, you can use the LocBaml tool to extract localizable content into a text-based .csv file.

Below is a snapshot of a sample .csv file containing localizable content.


Each line in the .csv file represents a single property of some user interface element.  The line contains the following elements (separated by commas):

  • The name of the BAML resource containing the property
    • (e.g. WpfApplication1.g.en-US.resources:mainwindow.baml)
  • Fully qualified property name, including the element’s UID
    • (e.g. Label_1:System.Windows.Controls.ContentControl.Content)
  • Localization category  (e.g. Button, Label, Text, etc).
  • Whether property is visible to user (T/F).
  • Whether property can or should be modified by translator (T/F)  (defaults to true for all elements)
  • Comments provided for translator  (defaults to blank)
  • Property value  (the thing that should be localized)