#1,103 – Configuring a Splash Screen

A splash screen is a simple image that appears while your application is loading.  It typically goes away just prior to the appearance of the main application window.

To add a splash screen to your WPF application, you start by adding an image to your project.





Once added to the project, select the image file in Solution Explorer.


Set the Build Action for the file to SplashScreen.


Build and run the application.  As the application starts, the splash screen image will automatically be shown.  It will disappear as soon as the main window of the application appears.




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3 Responses to #1,103 – Configuring a Splash Screen

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  2. Joerg says:

    Does this really show while the application is loading in the background or just delay the launch of the application?

    • Sean says:

      It does display while the application is loading. It would make sense to use the splash screen if normal loading took a little bit of time and was longer than the time it takes to display the splash screen. The splash screen is designed to be very lightweight and comes up quickly. So I think that it would always be quicker than bringing up the main WPF window itself.

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