#1,099 – OnMainWindowClose Shutdown Mode

By default, a WPF application terminates when all of its windows are closed.  This corresponds to a value of OnLastWindowClose for the main Application object’s ShutdownMode property.

You can also set the ShutdownMode property to OnMainWindowClose.  This indicates that the application should terminate when the main window closes.  Any other windows that are currently open will be automatically closed as the application terminates.

The application’s main window is the one specified using the Application object’s StartupUri property.  Note that the MainWindow property of the main Application object will refer to the instance of the window created based on the StartupUri.

Below, we set ShutdownMode to OnMainWindowClose.

<Application x:Class="WpfApplication1.App"


After the application starts, we can create multiple child windows.


At this point, if we close the main window, all three windows are closed and the application terminates.