#1,073 – Attached Events

When events are routed in WPF, elements up (bubbling) or down (tunneling) the logical tree are given the chance to add a handler for a particular event.

For example, if you have a Button within a StackPanel and the user clicks on the Button, the Button will raise a Click event, but also bubble the event up to the StackPanel so that it can also raise the Click event.

Click is defined as a RoutedEventHandler in the ButtonBase class.  There is also a public static ClickEvent object of type RoutedEvent defined in ButtonBase.  So we think of ButtonBase as “owning” the Click event.  This makes sense, since buttons are generally the elements that will raise Click events.

The StackPanel does not define a Click event, but can define a handler for a routed event object that it does not own.  This is known as an attached event.


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