#1,053 – How SharedSizeGroup Relates to Column Sizing

Recall that you can set the width of a column in a Grid (or height of a row) in three different ways: auto, explicit size, or star sizing.

When you’re using the SharedSizeGroup property to set multiple columns (or rows) to the same width (or height), the method that you use for setting the column width (or row height) affects the final size as follows:

  • Star sizing – not honored, treated as Auto
  • Absolute sizing – takes priority over Auto, columns are set to maximum explicit width
  • Auto sizing – if all columns are Auto, size is set to fit the largest content.  If any columns use explicit width, the explicit width value takes precedence

In the example below, we’ve set the first and third columns’ widths to be Auto and put them in the same SharedSizeGroup.


Setting the width of the first column to 20 causes both columns to use that width.



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