#1,036 – Date Formats in the DatePicker Control

You can set the format of the date displayed in the text area of a DatePicker by setting the SelectedDateFormat property to either Short or Long.  These formats correspond to the “short date” and “long date” formats associated with the current culture.  You can see these format strings in the Region dialog.  For example, for English/U.S. they are:

  • Short – “M/d/yyyy” 
  • Long – “dddd, MMMM d, yyyy” 


  • M = Month, 1-12
  • d = Day of month, 1-31
  • yyyy = 4-digit year
  • dddd = Day of week, full name
  • MMMM = Month, full name


So, for English/U.S., if we select March 18, 2014 as the date, we see the date displayed as one of the following strings:

  • Short – “3/18/2014”
  • Long – “Tuesday, March 18, 2014”