#949 – Add a Custom Dictionary for Spell Checking in a TextBox

The built-in spell checker in a TextBox uses a predefined dictionary to look up words.  This means that there may be words flagged as misspelled because they are not in the dictionary.

You can add a custom dictionary to WPF’s spell checker by creating a lexicon (.lex) file.  To create a custom dictionary, start by creating a .lex file in your project.


Add any custom words to your dictionary, one line at a time.


Set the Build Action of the .lex file to Resource.


In the .xaml file containing the TextBox element, define a namespace that refers to the system assembly.


And set the SpellCheck.CustomDictionaries element using a Uri to refer to your dictionary.

        <TextBox Name="txtMyText" Margin="5" Height="100"

The spell checker now recognizes your custom words.



About Sean
Software developer in the Twin Cities area, passionate about .NET technologies. Equally passionate about my own personal projects related to family history and preservation of family stories and photos.

2 Responses to #949 – Add a Custom Dictionary for Spell Checking in a TextBox

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  2. Terri Hess says:

    So now the spellchecker will recognize the words in this dictionary, and include them in the suggestions.

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