#949 – Add a Custom Dictionary for Spell Checking in a TextBox

The built-in spell checker in a TextBox uses a predefined dictionary to look up words.  This means that there may be words flagged as misspelled because they are not in the dictionary.

You can add a custom dictionary to WPF’s spell checker by creating a lexicon (.lex) file.  To create a custom dictionary, start by creating a .lex file in your project.


Add any custom words to your dictionary, one line at a time.


Set the Build Action of the .lex file to Resource.


In the .xaml file containing the TextBox element, define a namespace that refers to the system assembly.


And set the SpellCheck.CustomDictionaries element using a Uri to refer to your dictionary.

        <TextBox Name="txtMyText" Margin="5" Height="100"

The spell checker now recognizes your custom words.



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2 Responses to #949 – Add a Custom Dictionary for Spell Checking in a TextBox

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  2. Terri Hess says:

    So now the spellchecker will recognize the words in this dictionary, and include them in the suggestions.

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