#933 – Cut/Copy/Paste Functionality in a TextBox

Cut, Copy and Paste functionality is automatically enabled for the text within a TextBox control.

You can select text in a TextBox by

  • Left-clicking and dragging with the mouse
  • Double-clicking to select a word
  • Moving the arrow keys while holding down the Shift key
  • Pressing Ctrl+A to select all text in the TextBox



With text selected, you can Cut or Copy selected text by

  • Right-clicking and selecting Cut or Copy from the context menu
  • Pressing Ctrl+X to Cut text (remove from TextBox and add to clipboard)
  • Pressing Ctrl+C to Copy text (add to clipboard without removing)


You can Paste text from the clipboard into the TextBox at the current cursor location by

  • Right-clicking and selecting Paste from the context menu
  • Pressing Ctrl+V to Paste text

If you currently have text selected, doing a Paste operation will replace the selected text with text from the clipboard.



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