#932 – Making a TextBox Read-Only or Disabled

You can control a couple of different things with the IsEnabled and IsReadOnly properties of a TextBox.

  • IsEnabled – When false, user can’t interact with the control in any way and the control is greyed out.  (Default is true)
  • IsReadOnly – When true, user can’t edit or enter text, but can still scroll, select text and copy.

Typical combinations:

  • IsEnabledtrue, IsReadOnly = false — standard behavior, editable text
  • IsEnabled = true, IsReadOnly = true — read-only text, user can scroll/copy
  • IsEnabled = false — user can’t interact with TextBox at all
            <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>

        <TextBox Name="txtMain" Margin="5"
                 Text="{Binding SomeText}"
                 IsReadOnly="{Binding ElementName=chkReadOnly, Path=IsChecked}"
                 IsEnabled="{Binding ElementName=chkEnabled, Path=IsChecked}"/>
        <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Grid.Row="1">
            <CheckBox Name="chkReadOnly" Content="IsReadOnly" />
            <CheckBox Name="chkEnabled" Content="IsEnabled" />



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3 Responses to #932 – Making a TextBox Read-Only or Disabled

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  2. SK says:

    You are doing excellent job but please include the solution/project files similar to CodeProject site. This will help people to download and run at their end. Again, appreciate for your hard work.

    • Chibby says:

      For this kind of tip, I prefer the xaml / cs fragments. Its a PITA to have to download yet another solution, when I usually have a sandbox project available.

      This is a pretty cool and self-contained setup. I’m having some trouble getting the IsReadonly to respond on the UI from my VM. This simple approach will let me test it much easier.

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