#921 – Keyboard Shortcuts Available in a TextBox Control

There are a number of keys that you can use as shortcuts for editing text within a TextBox control.  The most common are:

  • Left/Right Arrow keys:  Move cursor left or right within text
  • Up/Down Arrow keys:  Move cursor to previous/next line, maintaining position within line
  • Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow:  Move to beginning of previous/next word
  • Ctrl+Up Arrow:  Move to start of text
  • Ctrl+Down Arrow:  Move to end of text
  • Shift+Left/Right/Up/Down Arrow:  Move cursor while selecting text
  • Home key:  Move to beginning of current line
  • End key:  Move to end of current line
  • Shift+Home/End:  Select text to beginning/end of current line
  • Page Up/Down:  Move up/down full page
  • Insert key:  Toggle Insert/Overwrite mode
  • Delete key:  Delete character to right of cursor
  • Backspace key:  Delete character to right of cursor
  • Ctrl+A:  Select all text
  • Ctrl+X:  Cut selected text
  • Ctrl+C:  Copy selected text
  • Ctrl+V:  Paste text at current position