#870 – Popup Is a ContentControl

The Popup control is a ContentControlwhich means that it can contain exactly one child control.  The child control can be any .NET object, but is often an instance of a Border, which in turn contains a single child element.  The single element in the Border could then be a container control deriving from Panel, which in turn contains multiple child controls.

For example, the code below shows a Popup whose child is a Border element which in turn contains a horizontally-oriented StackPanel that contains several other controls.

        <Popup Name="popCaesar" IsOpen="False">
            <Border BorderBrush="Blue" BorderThickness="1"
                <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                    <Image Source="Caesar.jpg" Height="100"/>
                    <TextBlock Text="Julius Caesar was a Roman emperor who lived from 100 BC to 44 BC"
                            Width="150" TextWrapping="Wrap"/>