#841 – Display Underlines for Access Keys at All Times

Normally, the underline characters that are used to indicate access keys for controls are displayed only after you press the Alt key.

For example, before you press the Alt key, you won’t see any underlines:


But once you press the Alt key, you’ll see underlines indicating access keys for all controls:



You can, however, change a setting in the Control Panel so that the underlines are always visible.

In Control Panel, click on Ease of Access.  (Instructions below apply to Windows 8).



Click on Ease of Access Center.



Click on the Make the keyboard easier to use option.



Enable the option Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys.



The underlines indicating access keys will now be displayed immediately when you start your application.



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4 Responses to #841 – Display Underlines for Access Keys at All Times

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  3. Lorena says:

    Can you help me?

    I want open another view.xaml from my mainwindow.xaml using Access keys. Can I do this?


    • Sean says:

      You can certainly open one window from another. Are you asking how to create and open the second window? Or how to do it with an access key. Typically, you’d implement the second window, add a button or other UI widget that causes the window to open, and then associate the access key to that widget.

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