#820 – Viewing Additional Font Properties in Windows Explorer

You can preview TrueType fonts in Windows Explorer and also get some basic properties about each font.  If you right-click on a font file, select Properties and then select the Details tab, you’ll see some basic information:


You can also download a Microsoft-provided tool, the OpenType Font File Properties Extension, to get even more information about each font.  You can download the tool from here.  (This tool will only work on 32-bit operating systems).

After installing the extension tool, the properties dialog for a font file will contain a number of additional tabs.

  • Embedding – Are you allowed to embed the font in your application?
  • CharSet/Unicode – What encoding method is used (e.g. Unicode)
  • Links – (optional) URL to font vendor
  • Description – General info on the font
  • License – license information
  • Version – font version
  • Hinting/Font Smoothing – point sizes for hinting/smoothing
  • Names – Font name, font family name, vendor, etc.
  • Features – Description from vendor