#813 – Applying TextDecorations in the Middle of a Block of Text

You can apply one of several different text decorations to a block of text by using the TextDecorations property for a TextBlock control.  But setting this property means that the decoration chosen applies to all text contained within the TextBlock.

Alternatively, you can apply one of the four text decorations (Underline, Baseline, StrikeThrough or Overline) to a subset of the text by using a Run element.  (Note: In the example below, we use an Underline tag directly, rather than setting the TextDecorations property on a Run element).

        <TextBlock Padding="20,10" FontSize="16"
            We <Underline>few</Underline>,
            we <Run TextDecorations="Baseline">happy</Run> few,
            we band of <Run TextDecorations="StrikeThrough">guys</Run> brothers;
            For he to-day that sheds his <Run TextDecorations="Overline">blood</Run> with me
            Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
            This day shall gentle his condition;"



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