#755 – Implementing Rotational Inertia during Touch Manipulation

In the same way that you can support inertia as a result of touch manipulation during translation and expansion, you can also set up rotational inertia.  When the user rotates an element using touch, the element has some initial rotational velocity (in deg/ms) when they lift their fingers off the screen.  You can then specify a desired value for a rotational deceleration (deg/ms^2).

As with translation and expansion, you specify the desired rotational deceleration in a handler for the ManipulationInertiaStarting event.  In the example below, we display the initial rotational velocity to the console and then specify a deceleration of 100 degrees/sec^2.  (Reduce velocity by 100 deg/sec each second).

        private void Image_ManipulationInertiaStarting(object sender, ManipulationInertiaStartingEventArgs e)
            // Rotational inertia - 100 deg/sec^2 deceleration
            Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Initial rotational velocity = {0} deg/sec",
                e.RotationBehavior.InitialVelocity * 1000.0));
            e.RotationBehavior.DesiredDeceleration = 100.0 / (1000.0 * 1000.0);