#750 – Using Touch Manipulation to Translate in Just One Dimension

You can set the IsManipulationEnabled property and handle the ManipulationDelta event for an element, to support translating (moving) the element using touch.

By default, when you read the ManipulationDelta.Translation property, it will contain translation values for both X and Y.  If you want to allow moving the element only horizontally or vertically, you can handle the ManipulationStarting event and set the ManipulationStartingEventArgs.Mode property to either TranslateX or TranslateY.

The example below shows how we could limit translation to be only horizontal.  You could do the same thing by ignoring the Y component of the Translation property in the ManipulationDelta event handler.

        private void Image_ManipulationStarting(object sender, ManipulationStartingEventArgs e)
            // Ask for manipulations to be reported relative to the canvas
            e.ManipulationContainer = canvMain;

            // Allow only horizontal translation
            e.Mode = ManipulationModes.TranslateX;