#748 – Getting the Size of a Contact Point during Raw Touch

In the handlers for the various raw touch events, you can get information about the size of the actual touch contact (the area where your finger is touching the screen).  You get the size from the TouchPoint.Bounds property, which contains the touch position and its size.

Note that the touch contact will not have a non-zero size on every device.  In some cases, the size may be reported if this feature is not supported.

Here’s an example of drawing an ellipse at a size based on the size of the touch contact.

    public partial class MainWindow : Window
        public MainWindow()
            TouchEllipses = new Dictionary<int, Ellipse>();

        private Dictionary<int, Ellipse> TouchEllipses;

        private void Canvas_TouchDown(object sender, TouchEventArgs e)
            TouchPoint tp = e.GetTouchPoint(canvMain);

            Ellipse el = new Ellipse();
            el.Stroke = Brushes.Black;
            el.Fill = Brushes.Black;

            el.Width = tp.Bounds.Width > 0 ? tp.Bounds.Width : 50;
            el.Height = tp.Bounds.Height > 0 ? tp.Bounds.Height : 50;

            Canvas.SetLeft(el, tp.Position.X - (el.Width / 2));
            Canvas.SetTop(el, tp.Position.Y - (el.Height / 2));

            TouchEllipses.Add(e.TouchDevice.Id, el);

            e.Handled = true;

        private void Canvas_TouchUp(object sender, TouchEventArgs e)

            e.Handled = true;

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