#733 – A Full List of Touch Related Events

Here’s a full list of UIElement events that you can handle when you want to handle touch input.  All of the events listed below are also defined for ContentElement.

All events are bubbling, unless flagged as tunneling.

Raw touch events:

  • GotTouchCapture – element has captured touch input
  • LostTouchCapture – element has lost touch capture
  • PreviewTouchDown – finger touches element  (tunneling)
  • PreviewTouchMove – finger moving on screen  (tunneling)
  • PreviewTouchUp – finger lifts off screen after moving  (tunneling)
  • TouchDown – finger touches element
  • TouchEnter – finger moves into element from outside
  • TouchLeave – finger moves out of element
  • TouchMove – finger moving on screen
  • TouchUp – finger lifts off screen after moving

Events related to manipulation (gestures):

  • ManipulationBoundaryFeedback – manipulation enters boundary
  • ManipulationCompleted – manipulation on element finishes
  • ManipulationDelta – position changes during manipulation
  • ManipulationInertiaStarting – finger leaves screen during manipulation
  • ManipulationStarted – manipulation on element starts
  • ManipulationStarting – user puts finger on element