#725 – Make Use of the Extended WPF Toolkit

There is a WPF Toolkit project on Codeplex, authored by Microsoft, that includes a bunch of controls not available in the standard distribution.  But this project has been dormant since early 2010.

There is a more actively maintained WPF toolkit on Codeplex, the Extended WPF Toolkit (Community Edition).  This project was created by Xceed, as a community version of their more complete Extended WPF Toolkit Plus product.  The Plus version of the toolkit sells for a very reasonable $179.95.  But you can start by looking at the Community edition, which includes a big selection of controls.

Some of the controls in this project include:

  • IntegerUpDown
  • ColorSpectrumSlider
  • ColorCanvas
  • SingleUpDown
  • Pie
  • Selector
  • ZoomBox
  • CollectionEditorDialog
  • DateTimeUpDown
  • DateTimePicker
  • AutoSelectTextBox
  • DecimalUpDown
  • CheckListBox
  • and many more

Go take a look at the toolkit–it contains lots of great controls, as well as source code.


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