#716 – Using a Border As a Visual Indication That a Control Can Be Dragged

You can use the Thumb control to allow dragging a control around on a parent Canvas.  To make it a little more obvious to the user that the control can be dragged, you can set up a Border around the control that only shows up when the user moves the mouse over the control.

        <Style x:Key="BorderVisibleOnMouse" TargetType="Border">
            <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="1"/>
            <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="Transparent"/>
                <Trigger Property="Border.IsMouseOver" Value="True">
                    <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="LightBlue"/>

        <Thumb Canvas.Left="100" Canvas.Top="60" DragDelta="Thumb_DragDelta">
                    <Border Style="{StaticResource ResourceKey=BorderVisibleOnMouse}">
                        <Label Content="Elvis Drafted!"/>
        <Thumb Canvas.Left="30" Canvas.Top="180" DragDelta="Thumb_DragDelta">
                    <Border Style="{StaticResource ResourceKey=BorderVisibleOnMouse}">
                        <Label Content="Richard the Lion-Hearted Captured!"/>



About Sean
Software developer in the Twin Cities area, passionate about .NET technologies. Equally passionate about my own personal projects related to family history and preservation of family stories and photos.

9 Responses to #716 – Using a Border As a Visual Indication That a Control Can Be Dragged

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  2. HHH says:

    Thanks alot this really helped!!!! Do you know how I could add to this to rotate the image about 20degrees left or right on button clicks?or on corners of the image? Thank you

    • Sean says:

      You could add an event handler for the Click event where you change the Angle property of a RotateTransform. See https://wpf.2000things.com/2013/03/05/769-rotation-transforms/ to get you started.

      • HHH says:

        Thank you Sean – I need to change this so that on a button click it will rotate a different image, not the actual button that is being clicked – is this easily done? I will begin to mess around with it now.

      • Sean says:

        Yes, you can just have the Click handler tweak the Angle property of the rotate transform associated with the image.

      • HHH says:

        Thank you again Sean, I am new to this RotateTransform, do you have any examples of using a button click to change other control angle properties? I am struggling to get my head around this.

      • Sean says:

        (Without writing the code for you), the process is pretty simple:
        – Create a RotateTransform object in your code
        – Bind it to the RenderTransform property of your Image
        – Add a Click handler
        – In the Click handler, increment (or decrement) the Angle property of the RotateTransform object

  3. HHH says:

    Thank you for the help

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