#688 – Moving an Element with the Mouse

Here’s a short example that uses the MouseDown, MouseMove and MouseUp events to move a user interface element around on the screen.  We place a Label in a Canvas and then bind its position to a couple of properties that keep track of the desired X and Y position of the label.  The properties derive from a base position for the label, plus the current mouse position.

Here’s the XAML:

        <Label Content="Feast" Background="ForestGreen" Padding="12,7"
               Canvas.Left="{Binding XPosition}" Canvas.Top="{Binding YPosition}"
               MouseDown="Feast_MouseDown"  MouseUp="Feast_MouseUp" MouseMove="Feast_MouseMove"/>

And the code:

    public partial class MainWindow : Window, INotifyPropertyChanged
        public MainWindow()
            this.DataContext = this;

        private Point BasePoint = new Point(0.0, 0.0);
        private double DeltaX = 0.0;
        private double DeltaY = 0.0;
        private bool moving = false;
        private Point PositionInLabel;

        public double XPosition
            get { return BasePoint.X + DeltaX; }

        public double YPosition
            get { return BasePoint.Y + DeltaY; }

        private void Feast_MouseDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
            Label l = e.Source as Label;
            if (l != null)
                moving = true;
                PositionInLabel = e.GetPosition(l);

        private void Feast_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            if (moving)
                Point p = e.GetPosition(null);
                DeltaX = p.X - BasePoint.X - PositionInLabel.X;
                DeltaY = p.Y - BasePoint.Y - PositionInLabel.Y;

        private void Feast_MouseUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
            Label l = e.Source as Label;
            if (l != null)
                BasePoint.X += DeltaX;
                BasePoint.Y += DeltaY;
                DeltaX = 0.0;
                DeltaY = 0.0;
                moving = false;

        public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;

        private void RaisePropertyChanged(string prop)
            if (PropertyChanged != null)
                PropertyChanged(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(prop));

The end result looks something like this:


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3 Responses to #688 – Moving an Element with the Mouse

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  2. Roger says:

    I’ve spent HOURS looking for this capability and your post is the best one by far. However, it only works if the label is at (0,0) on the canvas. I think the line private Point BasePoint = new Point(0.0, 0.0); has to be modified to set BasePoint to the current location of the label. How can that be done?

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