#657 – Detecting Double Clicks in User Interface Elements

You can react to a user double-clicking on a user interface element by handling one of the mouse button events and checking the MouseButtonEventArgs.ClickCount field.  When a user double-clicks on an element, all of the mouse down and mouse up events will be fired twice.  During the second round of events, the ClickCount property will have a value of 2.

Here’s an example, where we instrument the MouseDown and MouseUp events for a Label.

When we just click on the element, we see a MouseDown and a MouseUp event, with a ClickCount of 1.

If we double-click on the Label, we’ll see two sets of events.  The second MouseDown event will report a ClickCount of 2.


We could distinguish between double-clicking with the left mouse button vs. the right mouse button by handling either the MouseLeftButtonDown and MouseRightButtonDown events.