#652 – Mouse Event Summary

Below are the events defined for ContentElement, UIElement and UIElement3D classes related to mouse input:

  • PreviewMouseMove (tunneling) / MouseMove (bubbling) – Mouse moves while over element
  • GotMouseCapture  (bubbling) – Element has captured the mouse, receiving mouse input   
  • LostMouseCapture (bubbling) – Element no longer is receiving mouse input
  • MouseEnter (direct) – Mouse pointer has entered boundaries of this element
  • MouseLeave (direct) – Mouse pointer has left boundaries of this element
  • PreviewMouseDown (MouseDown  – Mouse button is pressed
  • PreviewMouseLeftButtonDown (direct, appears to tunnel) / MouseLeftButtonDown (direct, appears to bubble) – Left mouse button is pressed
  • PreviewMouseLeftButtonUp (direct, appears to tunnel) / MouseLeftButtonUp (direct, appears to bubble) – Left mouse button is released
  • PreviewMouseRightButtonDown (direct, appears to tunnel) / MouseRightButtonDown (direct, appears to bubble) – Right mouse button is pressed
  • PreviewMouseRightButtonUp (direct, appears to tunnel) / MouseRightButtonUp (direct, appears to bubble) – Right mouse button is released
  • PreviewMouseUp (tunneling) / MouseUp (bubbling) – Mouse button released
  • PreviewMouseWheel (tunneling) / MouseWheel (bubbling) – Mouse wheel position changed