#618 – Keyboard Event Summary

The following attached events are defined in the Keyboard class and are exposed as public events of the ContentElement, UIElement and UIElement3D classes:

  • PreviewKeyDown / KeyDown – Key is pressed  (KeyEventArgs)
  • PreviewKeyUp / KeyUp  – Key is released  (KeyEventArgs)
  • PreviewGotKeyboardFocus / GotKeyboardFocus – Element gains keyboard focus  (KeyboardFocusChangedEventArgs)
  • PreviewLostKeyboardFocus / LostKeyboardFocus – Element loses keyboard focus  (KeyboardFocusChangedEventArgs)

The following attached events are defined in the TextCompositionManager and also exposed as public events of ContentElementUIElement and UIElement3D:

  • PreviewTextInput / TextInput – Element is receiving text  (TextCompositionEventArgs)

Not strictly a keyboard or text composition event, but related, is the following attached event, which is defined in and exposed as a public event from the TextBoxBase class:

  • TextChanged – Content in text box has changed  (TextChangedEventArgs)

Tunneling events (PreviewXyz) are typically paired with a corresponding bubbling event (Xyz).  The tunneling event fires first, going down the logical tree, followed by the bubbling event, which works its way back up the logical tree.


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