#611 – Set Application Exit Code in Exit Event Handler

If you’re running applications from the command line in Windows, you can return an exit code from the application and use it to indicate whether the application was successful at doing whatever it was supposed to do.  Traditionally, an exit code of 0 indicates that the application completed successfully and positive values indicate errors.

To set a WPF application’s exit code, set the ApplicationExitCode property of the ExitEventArgs object in the application’s Exit event.

        private void Application_Exit(object sender, ExitEventArgs e)
            // Assume we have a boolean variable indicating whether the
            //   application did its work successfully

            // Use 0 to indicate success, 1 to indicate that something went wrong
            e.ApplicationExitCode = (everythingWorkedOk) ? 0 : 1;

You could then check this code in a .bat file:


REM This evaluates to true if exit code was >= 1
if errorlevel 1 (
    echo Failure
) else (
    echo Success !

echo Actual exit code was %errorlevel%

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