#604 – Defining a New Routed Event

You can create a new routed event in your own class, typically in a control.  Here, we define a new event named RightDrag in the MyButton class, which derives from Button.

Define a static object of type RoutedEvent.

public static readonly RoutedEvent RightDragEvent;

In the static constructor, register the event and set the RoutedEvent object.

        static MyButton()
            RightDragEvent = EventManager.RegisterRoutedEvent("RightDrag", RoutingStrategy.Bubble, typeof(RoutedEventHandler), typeof(MyButton));

Define a CLR event of type RoutedEventHandler or one of its subtypes.  Call the AddHandler/RemoveHandler methods.

        public event RoutedEventHandler RightDrag
            add { AddHandler(RightDragEvent, value); }
            remove { RemoveHandler(RightDragEvent, value); }

Add a helper method to fire the event.

        protected virtual void OnRightDrag()
            RoutedEventArgs evargs = new RoutedEventArgs(RightDragEvent, this);

Finally, fire your event when appropriate.

        void MyButton_MouseMove(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e)
            if (e.RightButton == MouseButtonState.Pressed)

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