#548 – Change the Offset of a Gradient Stop in Blend

Once you’ve added one or more gradient stops to a gradient brush, you can use the mouse to drag any of the gradient stops left or right.  Dragging a gradient stop changes the value of its Offset, which dictates where along the gradient line the specified color is achieved for the gradient.

For example, let’s say that we start with a simple gradient that goes from Blue at the top of a control to white at the bottom of a control.  The gradient line runs from the top of the control (Y=0) to the bottom (Y=1).  The first gradient is at an offset of 0 (top of control) and the second gradient is at an offset of 1 (bottom of control).

You can now move one of the gradient stops by sliding it.  This will change the value of its Offset, changing where on the gradient line that color is reached.