#528 – Using the Eyedropper Tool in the Color Editor

In addition to the eyedropper tool on the tools panel, you can select colors using the eyedropper tool in the color editor, found in the Brushes panel.

To use the eyedropper, first select a control having a color property that you want to change.

In the Brushes section of the Properties panel, pick a property that you want to change.  (E.g. Background).

Select the kind of brush that you want to use (e.g. solid color brush).

Click on the eyedropper icon in the color editor.

Now you can move around the screen and click to pick up the color at the current mouse position.  You can click anywhere on the screen–even outside of Blend.

As you move around the screen, the target element will change to preview using the color of the pixel that your mouse is hovering over.  Left-click to actually use the color.