#524 – Using the Zoom Tool to Zoom on the Artboard

There are a number of ways to zoom in and out on the artboard.  The easiest way to zoom is to use the mousewheel, rolling it forward to zoom in or backwards to zoom out.

You can also use any of the keyboard shortcuts listed below:

  • Ctrl-+ (plus) : Zoom in
  • Ctrl– (minus) : Zoom out
  • Ctrl-0 : Zoom to fit entire window (also centers window in artboard)
  • Ctrl-1 : Zoom to actual size (100%)
  • Ctrl-9 : Zoom to fit selected control(s)

You can use the Zoom tool by clicking on it or pressing the shortcut key Z.

Once you’ve selected the Zoom tool, you can do any of the following to zoom in or out:

  • Left-click and drag to select the elements that you want to zoom in on
  • Left-click to zoom in
  • ALT-left-click to zoom out
  • Dbl-click the Zoom tool icon to zoom to 100%