#517 – XAML Output when Drawing with the Pen Tool

When you use the Pen tool in Blend to draw a path, Blend will generate a Path element in the corresponding XAML for the window or page.  The data representing the geometry of the actual path is located in the Data attribute of the Path element.


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One Response to #517 – XAML Output when Drawing with the Pen Tool

  1. toolsche says:

    I like your posts, but interesting would’ve been a short explanation about how to read the Data content. Here is the link to the MSDN page: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms752293.aspx

    M: Move Command (= Move Pen to start point “x1,y1”)
    C: Cubic Bezier Curve Command (= Add Control Points, “x2,y2 x3,y3 xi,yi”)

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