#515 – Zooming In and Out on the Artboard

Because all controls in WPF are rendered using vector graphics, rather than bitmaps, WPF-based GUI elements can be rendered at any size.  This allows zooming in/out on the artboard in Blend, to make it easier to see elements of your GUI.

There are several different ways to zoom in and out on the artboard.  The easiest method is to use one of the following keyboard or mouse shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-+ (plus) : Zoom in
  • Ctrl– (minus) : Zoom out
  • Ctrl-0 : Zoom to fit entire window (also centers window in artboard)
  • Ctrl-1 : Zoom to actual size (100%)
  • Ctrl-9 : Zoom to fit selected control(s)
  • Mousewheel : Zoom in/out

Zoomed In

Zoomed to Fit Window

Zoomed to Actual Size

You can also zoom using the Zoom widget in the lower left corner of the artboard.  Click on the dropdown or left-click and drag.


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